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Information about potato market

Potato Market was fishing for information in the field these days, and we didn’t come back empty-handed!

First of all, the Eastern European countries buy a lot of potatoes of intermediate quality.

We have been informed that trucks have been bought up to 300€/t in small washable of any variety, on lots with not much waste!

Then we have Germany, which is in need of beautiful potatoes. Demand is therefore expected to increase for both firm meat and versatile potatoes.

Finally, Belgian industry continues to drive prices up again and again. According to the latest news, Belgian industrialists are buying up to 300€/t in northern France for fries.

Despite this, the market stagnates and even rises slightly on the most beautiful lots. It is becoming more and more difficult to find very beautiful cardboard lots.

It must also be said that currently the supply is large, but farmers do not seem in a hurry to sell lower.


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