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Information of the week: stocks and prices

PotatoMarket is back to give you the information collected ! We are having more and more difficulty finding stocks among farmers, but it seems that there is still stock among traders and resellers.

As far as prices are concerned, we feel the difficulty of exceeding the psychological barrier of 400€/t. About the new potatoes that will arrive on the market: The Spanish will start clearing plots on April 8. Around April 20 there will be potatoes with skin made in the Cartagena region. But no significant volumes until early May in this region. As for the second largest production region; Seville potatoes will arrive on the market in mid-May.

It is expected that all varieties intended for the Spanish market will have to be sold before the arrival of Spanish potatoes on the market, at the risk of having to sell them at a lower price. We still think that the market will remain positive, at least for the next few months.


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