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Information of the week: the decline in producer stocks is confirmed

According to the UNPT, the next weather conditions will favour the sector, but don’t take any chances, because each producer must make sure that he produces the quantity and quality for a point of sale, according to his buyer.

Since last week, the situation on the industrial potato market has remained stable, although there has been a slight decline in prices on EEX. Yesterday, March 28, the price was 28.8€/q. Household consumption has increased by 1.4% since the beginning of the campaign. Prices for all segments are firm provided that the quality is correct. The first fruits are slowly starting to arrive on the shelves. 

According to the National Interprofessional Committee for Potatoes (CNIPT), the decline in producer stocks is confirmed by the UNPT/CNIPT panel: -53% over one year (-46% on the three-year average) at the end of February 2019 on gross stocks destined for the free fresh market.

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