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The National Institute of Agrarian Innovation (INIA) of Cusco (Peru) has developed and produced a new variety of potato called “Kulli” (Purple Potato). This new variety seeks to improve yields in the field and especially resistance to major diseases that tend to disadvantage the cultivation of potatoes. INIA and the Government have also developed the Kulli potato in order to fight against malnutrition and anaemia of the population, diseases that not only harm the population of Peru but also many other countries.

After 10 years of research, this variety is the result of genetic modifications and improvements providing the potato with more iron (23mg/100gr) and zinc (19mg/100g) compared to the current figures that are under 11mg in both elements. In addition to its creation has been necessary to make genetic crosses with 12 potatoes native to Peru. In this way they have been able to increase the quality of the potato and consequently of the feeding of the population. In addition, it contains a high content of antioxidants which helps to prevent cancer.

In addition to supporting the development of this variety, the Peruvian government also supports its export to international markets. In 2019 it is expected to have a production of 1000 tons and maybe very soon we will see it in the European markets.


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