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The potato, a complete meal!

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In our first article, we are going to talk about our favourite food: the potato and in particular about its nutrional and health benefits.

Every part of the potato can be used: 80% is edible ! It is not only easy to cook but it is also very nutritious: it’s a food full of water, carbohydrate, antioxidants, proteins and in fiber.

There are many misconceptions about the high caloric contribution of the potato but actually it help to lose weight and it’s one of the fundamental food to be included in a healthy and balanced diet. Mainly composed of carbohydrates it gives a feeling of satiety caused in great part by its high content in starch. Moreover, cooked in the oven or steamed it contains only 26 calories.

By the way, during the Olympic Games organised in South Corea, the potato had been identified as one of the main components of the athlete’s diet for its nutritional qualities that improves the physical performance. Its high content in potassium promotes the muscle development and has a lots of positive effects on the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Potato has not finished to surprise us, includes it in your daily diet!

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