Why Potato Market?

 Transparency is our main value

Access to the market supply and demand information

Access to the updated information

Gathered supply and demand

Find the updated supply and demand information all gathered in one place


Wide business network

Access to a greater number of producers and buyers


Transparent information

Know the product origin and quality. know the origin price and the fee you pay

A wide offer at the best price

Product variety

Find a wide assortment of varieties, origins and packaging options


Competitive prices

Pay the right price and sell at the right price. The price is not fixed by the intermediary, it is fixed by the producer


Best offers

Compare and find the best offer

Ease, agility and swiftness

24/7 availability

Make your deals at any time, 365 days of the year. Do not depend on schedules or calendars


Accessibility and convenience

Use the platform from any device and from anywhere, without having to travel and saving time and money


Ease and agility

Reduce the procedures and save your time by using the platform


Quality analysis

Analyse the quality of your product with Eurocelp and provide buyer with guaranteed quality.


Analysed and validated users

Establish reliable trade agreements. Platform users are analyzed before being admitted


User reviews

Read the reviews and ratings about other users before concluding an agreement. It is the most reliable source of information

Assurance of collection

Collection is assured

You will always receive the money after concluding the purchase. We work with an assurance company to guarantee the commercial operations


Different payment methods

You can choose between different payment methods: bank transfer in advance, 30-day bank transfer, virtual POS terminal or financing



You can request for financing. We have an agreement with a
partner bank under excellent terms. We negotiate for you
with the bank

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