This year the WPC 2018 bring us to the native lands of potatoes

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It is a pleasure to see you back here to present you our second article. Today, we are going to talk about the biggest international event of the potato sector that will take place this year in Peru: the World Potato Congress 2018.

Its first edition was held in 1933 in Canada and has the initiative to gather potato professionals, from all over the world to meet and share ideas and knowledge.

The World Potato Congress is organised by the non-profit organization WorldPotatoCongressInc.every three years. Since 1933 he almost travelled through the 5 continents; Europe, South Africa, North America, China, New Zealand and count with 900 participants in each edition.

This year, for its 10th edition, the WPC will be celebrated on 27th to 31th of May in Peru, in Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire, where the villagers cultivate the “papa” for thousands of years.

This is the first time that this event will be held in Latin America in collaboration with the XXVIII Congress of the Latin American Association of the Potato (ALAP). With the participation of speakers master renowned international experts, many very important and interesting subject will be study such as the sustainable use of the biodiversity of the potato-growing, the product differentiation and its gastronomic use, nutrition, health, food safety and business development.

Such as the WPC, the online platform Potato Market was born with the objective to gather in a single point the professionals of the potato sector, especially buyers and sellers. In this way, growers can market his crop in Europe, in a fast, secure and transparent way.


In order to improve transparency of the operations, Potato Market collect informations to the farmers and buyers, showing the latest potatoes transactions carried out in France (Cost, Exportation, Internal market). By accessing the platform , subscribing and after being validated, you can upload your potatoes harvest in few minutes. If you subscribe as a buyer you can have access to all the offers available on the platform.

We give you some examples of transactions carried out this week.

Source: Interne Potato Market

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